Dismantling artificial grass

If an artificial pitch does not longer meets the technical requirements according to the current standards, We do not see this pitch necessarily as waste. Using a special developped machine for the dismantling of the artificial pitch, we make it possible to reallocate the residual products directly from the job site! In the context of sustanainable development and reducing the CO2 Footprint we prefer the reallocation of outcoming materials above recycling them.

CarpetBeater®  is the new identity of a technique for the dismantling of an artificial grass pitch.

For this dismantling we use a home made machine, called “the Carpet Beater” to pick up the grass and separate the infill from the grass on the pitch. This machine is able to separate the infill materials from the grass by beating it out. It is even possible to seperate different layered infill materials form eachother during the same run. Herewith we create 2 or 3 residual products which can directly be reused.

Since 2009 there is a cooperation between the company’s of Th. Schuurman & Zn. B.V. and Carl Rennen. This cooperation is exploitating CarpetBeater®. This explotation consists:

  • The service to dismantle a artificial grass system
  • Te service to reallocate out coming materials
  • sales of home made CarpetBeater®s

If you want to know more about the dismantling of artificial grass or about the Carpet Beater please do not hesitate to contact us, or take a look on the website CarpetBeater.nl.

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