Problems as a result of overdue maintenance:

  • By using / playing, the infill will slowly compact. These compaction has got a negative influence on the permeability and the performance of the surface
  • Pollution will speed up above mentioned compaction
  • Pollution and compaction decreases the quality of the infill and herewith the durability and playability.

The pollution of an artificial field will take place by:

  • Garbage from users and spectators
  • Increase of organic material in the infill by, dirty shoes from users and / or falling leaves, shitting birds, etc. With the organic material in the infill the surface will be a breeding ground for algae, moss and weeds
  • Artificial turf is a subject to wear. Released dust will compact the surface
  • Pollution out of natural rainfall and irrigation.

Maintenance can be divided into periodic and specific maintenance. The frequency of mentioned maintenance depends on the use, the intensity of use and the season.

Periodic maintenance:

  • Removing litter. Like plastic bags, cans, bottles, candy bags, etc
  • Removing falling leafs
  • Removing ingrowing weeds
  • Inspection of the pitch and if necessary extra infill should be taken place. If the level of the infill is correct, there is a reduced risk of damage of the artificial yarn
  • Levelling the infill and lift up the fibres by brushing with a triangle brush gives a reduced risk on compaction and abetting of algae and moss

Specific maintenance:

  • Chemical control of algae and moss
  • Chemical control of weeds
  • Removal of pollution out of the infill
  • Removal of compaction of the infill

Are you intersted in more information of the maintenance of artificial grass, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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