Carl Rennen ‘service for construction & maintenance of sport surfaces’ have started in 2002.  From this start we finalized a lot of projects for all kind of customers in our own country and abroad.

By all kind of customers you can think about:

  • private owners
  • companies
  • colleagues
  • goverment
  • clubs

Within our bussiness we have some specialties we can take care of. From consultancy till the construction by ourself, you name it we can take care of it. A good combination with an experienced overview.

Cause of our maintenace experience we have a good overview from artificial grass systems and their wear behavior. This information we will share with customers if we have to advise which kind of artificial grass will fit the best in certain circumstances and use.



Our service is ready for you for small or big advise. If you have a small or big problem we will listen and we will think with you for the right solution. more…

For the purpose of preparation of projects we can support in the various phases of the realization of a project. You can think of a support in the design phase, tender phase and implementation phase. more …

We can give a helping hand by supervising or managing the realization of a project. In both cases are quality control and cost control the key words for a good result. more…

Also artificial grass needs maintenance to ensure the functionality and extend life. Two important aspects why we have specialized in the maintenance of all types of artificial turf. more…

If an artificial pitch does not longer meets the technical requirements according to the current standards, we do not see this pitch necessarily as waste. Using special developed machinery for the dismantling of an artificial pitch, we make it possible to reallocate the residual products directly from the job site! In the context of sustanainable development and reducing the CO2 Footprint we prefer the reallocation of outcoming materials above recycling them. more…

Can’t you find the information you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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