About us

The company Carl Rennen ‘construction and maintenance of sport surfaces’ have started in 2002. Our goal is to offer you a qualified service for anyone who is working in the construction, the recycling of is taking care of the maintenance of sport surfaces.

In the context of sustainability and CO2 reduction, we are constantly moving with the improvement of processes for a perfect connection with the market. For this we believe it is important to find the right balance in satisfaction of customer and end user.

With our constructive and pragmatic approach, we will guarantee a smooth implementation of assigned activities. For this we use a lot of experience and a good and healthy network. Within this network we are sharing our experiences in a way so that we are well informed and remain current changes.

From the start till the end of the development and the construction of the sport surface our service can be:

We are specialized in:

We distinguish ourselves by:

  • Major innovation
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Structured way of working
  • Expertise
  • Qualified thinking and working
  • Thinking in possibilities
  • Independent and objective

If you are interested or you have some questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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